[PATCH] D33362: [Polly][WIP]JSCoP Importer: support for multi-valued schedules

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Mon Aug 7 06:35:38 PDT 2017

Mike_Jongen updated this revision to Diff 109973.
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Updated to current polly version.

Changed the setup slightly. No longer is a copy added for every execution time.
Now it adds a dimension to the scopstmt, and uses this dimension for the extra executions.
Works simular to the previous version, but makes the scops much clearer.

The scops also perform a collectSurroundingLoops. The code generator would generate an error without this.

After code generation, some memory accesses use the wrong iterator, and use the new dimension as variable.

for example we have a statement with an access:
Stmt1[i0] -> MemRef0[i0]
if the statement is executed multiple times, the access changes to
Stmt1[i0, i1] -> MemRef0[i0]
How does the code generator decide to which variable i0 of MemRef0 refers to?
The logical answer would be i0, but I have seen generated code where it used i1.
How does the code generator link these variables?



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