[PATCH] D13185: Scheduler / Regalloc: use unique_ptr[] instead of std::vector

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> std::vector.resize() is actually about 2-3x slower than using unique_ptr, at least for me; it doesn't compile to bzero because the resize() in std:: consists of repeated appending (agh).
> Wait, what? Which standard library has that implementation? (is it necessary/implied by the standard, or just a poorly performing implementation that can/should be fixed?)

Unfortunately, like a lot of awful things in std::, it seems to be implied by the standard:

"If the current size is less than count,
1) additional default-inserted <http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/concept/DefaultInsertable> elements are appended
2) additional copies of value are appended”

The other option here is probably to use .reserve() and then .data(), and then bzero that (which gives the same results performance-wise), but that seems vastly uglier than just switching to a lighter-weight data structure.

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