[PATCH] Port ADCE to the new pass manager

Justin Bogner via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 25 15:46:54 PDT 2015

The attached patch ports ADCE to the new pass manager. It's basically
mechanical and based off of some of the ports you've already done so
it's probably good to go in, but I have a couple of questions about
parts that seemed a little odd.

1. The legacy pass states it preserves GlobalsAAWrapperPass, but the new
   pass returns PreservedAnalyses::none when it does work. This seems
   inconsistent, but maybe I'm missing something.

2. Similarly, some of the other passes you've ported do
   AU.setPreservesCFG(), but this doesn't seem to be reflected in the
   new passes. How's this going to work?

3. As per my reply to "Port SimplifyCFG to the new pass manager", it
   seems like we don't have good testing infrastructure in terms of
   preserved analyses. Do you have any ideas for how we're going to deal
   with that?

Anyway, let me know if this is good to land. I might tackle a couple
more of these in the near future, and some clarity on the above
questions would help.

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