[PATCH] D9804: Optimize scattered vector insert/extract pattern

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Fri Sep 25 14:54:57 PDT 2015

hfinkel added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D9804#253832, @hulx2000 wrote:

> Just saw comments from Hal and Nadav.
> For Hal's comments:
> 1. If the original ext is used more than once, then the original ext can't be deleted after my transformation, so it may not gain anything, that's why I check hasOneUse() on it.

No, you'd replace them all with the corresponding extract. What am I missing?

> 2. I agree, this transformation is designed for AArch64, so I could make it AArch64 specific.


>   For Navav's comment "We are already doing these kind of optimizations in SelectionDAG. The SLPVectorizer is not the right place for this kind of transformation", do you mean I shouldn't do this (my) transformation in SLPVectorizer?  At least for our case, SelectionDAG is unable to catch it, and it caused a performance loss.

Why is it not able to catch it? We need to understand that before we move forward with adding handling in the SLP vectorizer for this.



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