[PATCH] D12985: [ARM] Take into account address spaces in interleaved access vectorization

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Thu Sep 24 04:11:19 PDT 2015

sbaranga added a comment.

Thanks, Jeroen!

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D12985#252574, @jketema wrote:

> This now upgrades the vld[234] and vst[234] intrinsics to take into account an address space, as discussed.
> Open issues as far as I'm concerned:
> - Should vld1 and vst1 also be upgraded for uniformity? Similarly for the vld[234]lane and vst[234]lane instructions?

They seem to have the same issues, so I would say yes.

> - Should all the tests referring to vld[234] and vst[234] be updated to use the new intrinsic names, or are they allowed to depend on the auto-upgrade code?

I think they should use the new names, and have different tests to check that the old ones get auto-upgraded.


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