[PATCH] D12706: Handle non-constant shifts in computeKnownBits, and use computeKnownBits for constant folding in InstCombine/Simplify

John Regehr via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 23 02:48:09 PDT 2015

regehr added a comment.

Hi Hal, I just discovered this code. I've been working on a related patch based on the imprecisions that Souper found, that I posted about on llvm-dev.

My strategy was simply to find the imprecisions with the highest profile count and fix those, plus some random other cases that were easy.

If possible I'd like to pick the best parts of my patch and get them integrated with yours, if that is somehow possible. I'm totally new to Phabricator so for now I'll just link to my patch. Any comments about how to best proceed would be appreciated.




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