[PATCH] D12781: PGO IR-level instrumentation infrastructure

Sean Silva via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Sep 22 18:09:21 PDT 2015

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This should not be called "late instrumentation". That is clang-specific terminology. Think from the perspective of a random frontend (say, one that doesn't have any other PGO mechanism). There should be no mention of "FE instrumentation", "late instrumentation" "IR-level instrumentation", etc. This is just "edge profiling" or something like that.

A couple other high-level questions/comments:

- is there a reason that this is breaking critical edges itself instead of using break-crit-edges pass? Is break-crit-edges dead? SanitizerCoverage doesn't seem to use it either.
- why is this a module pass? It operates entirely on a function-by-function basis.
- can we use GraphTraits for the MST algorithm, so that it is reusable? (could probably be a separate patch if so).
- could we break the PGO data reading into a separate analysis? Also could the pass be split into more fine-grained passes? (I think the answer is yes to both questions)
- We should directly accept a buffer containing the profile feedback data instead of a file name. That lets the frontend do the error handling, and is more flexible for usage as a library.

Adding Kostya, as this has a lot of similarities to sanitizer coverage; also just for general knowledge of instrumentation passes.

Comment at: lib/Transforms/Instrumentation/PGOLateInstr.cpp:122-126
@@ +121,7 @@
+  // Threshold of the hot functions.
+  const float HotFunctionThreshold = 0.01;
+  // Threshold of the cold functions.
+  const float ColdFunctionThreshold = 0.0002;
Use integers.

Comment at: lib/Transforms/Instrumentation/PGOLateInstr.cpp:301-302
@@ +300,4 @@
+// Compute the CRC32 of unsigned integers.
+unsigned PGOLateInstrumentationFunc::crc32UnsignedBits(unsigned Chksum,
+                                                       unsigned Value,
Why crc32?

Comment at: lib/Transforms/Instrumentation/PGOLateInstr.cpp:313-314
@@ +312,4 @@
+// Compute Hash value for the CFG: the lower 32 bits are CRC32 of the index
+// value of each BB in the CFG. The higher 32 bits record the number of edges.
+void PGOLateInstrumentationFunc::computeCFGHash() {
This seems like a very poor use of the bits of the hash. Why not use md5 like clang's `PGOHash`?


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