[llvm] r248152 - [ARM] Handle +t2dsp feature as an ArchExtKind in ARMTargetParser.def

James Molloy via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Sep 21 08:58:45 PDT 2015

Hi Artyom,

I'm afraid that's not how code review works. If you request code review,
you must wait for that review to be approved before committing. You've
raised two Phab reviews, which are requests for code review, and committed
both without approval.

Peter had some concerns- the entire point of code review is that you
address those concerns *and he accepts your changes*. Just saying you've
addressed them doesn't mean you have to his satisfaction. Also, there may
be more reviewers to chirp in - you didn't give them time to do so.

This commit and the other must be reverted as soon as possible, because you
didn't follow the process that is explicit on llvm.org.

If you can't revert it, I'll do the revert myself soon.


On Mon, 21 Sep 2015 at 08:29, Artyom Skrobov <artyom.skrobov at arm.com> wrote:

> James, your own message quotes me addressing Peter’s concerns:
> > Could you point me to the code review here? I can see a review
> > thread but nowhere there does anyone approve the patch. In
> > fact Peter raises concerns that seemingly aren't addressed.
> >
> > [skip]
> >
> >> Following review comments, also updating the description of
> >> FeatureDSPThumb2in ARM.td.
> >>
> >> Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D12937
> Hope this helps.
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