[PATCH] Add clang headers that fix machine-dependent definitions on FreeBSD 9.2

Viktor Kutuzov vkutuzov at accesssoftek.com
Fri Jul 18 03:56:51 PDT 2014

I tested it with Linux cmake, FreeBSD cmake, Linux cmake 3.0.0 and Darwin cmake 3.0.0--all work the same way creating all the specified subdirectories.

> Well, apparently it does not keep the hierarchy of your specified files when copying to the target dir.

In this specific case the target is a (non-existent) file; not a directory.

Can you get the sources of the cmake version you're dealing with? Alternatively, can you try to build the original v3.0.0 sources on your machine and see if it behaves differently for copy_if_different?

What I do to test the behavior is this:
  touch x
  rm -rf a && ./cmake -E copy_if_different x a/b/c/x
  ls a


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