[PATCH] Add clang headers that fix machine-dependent definitions on FreeBSD 9.2

Tobias M tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:11:13 PDT 2014

> Does your test source compile successfully if you move _types.h under /machine manually?

Yes. I created the 'machine' directory at /Users/tobias/llvm/lib/clang/3.5.0/include and moved _stdint.h and _types.h into that new directory. Then my test source compiles just fine.

> So it seems like cmake's copy_if_different doesn't create new directories on Darwin. Can you please confirm that?

Well, apparently it does not keep the hierarchy of your specified files when copying to the target dir.

Here some pointers from #cmake:
> [23:00:51]  <+ngladitz>	 hm I wouldn't expect it to append the source path to the target path
> [23:01:16]  <TobiasFar>	 apparently it does on linux..at least that's what other llvm devs have told me
> [23:01:36]  <+ngladitz>	 I am on linux
> [23:01:41]  <TobiasFar>	 ph
> [23:01:43]  <TobiasFar>	 *oh
> [23:04:16]  <+ngladitz>	 as far as I can see in the implementation it specifically appends just the file name to the destination path (if it is a directory)
> [23:05:18]  <TobiasFar>	 so the hierarchy is basically flattend? if one has source file src/a/b/c/filename.txt it'll copy it to target/filename.txt
> [23:07:20]  <+ngladitz>	 just like every other command line copy command I know
> [23:07:24]  <+ngladitz>	 http://cmake.org/gitweb?p=cmake.git;a=blob;f=Source/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx;h=db94510730aa7c0e8259d8fcc3ed6e23065b562c;hb=refs/heads/master#l2013


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