[llvm] r213012 - [RuntimeDyld] Handle endiannes differences between the host and target while

Lang Hames lhames at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:01:23 PDT 2014

Hi Alp,

> > No, getBuffer() really does return a StringRef. Like I said, the
> function just happens to have a silly name.
> MemoryBuffer::getBuffer() *does* return a StringRef, but at two of the
> three readMachOMagic callsites in this code 'Buffer' isn't a MemoryBuffer.
> It's an ObjectBuffer, and ObjectBuffer::getBuffer() returns a MemoryBuffer.
> Obviously, right? ;)

Scratch that - I had confused ObjectBuffer::getBuffer and
ObjectBuffer::getMemBuffer. I can't imagine how. ;)

You're right - this can be rewritten with a StringRef. I'll make sure I
roll that into my cleanup.

- Lang.
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