[PATCH][PM] Add pass run listeners to the pass manager.

Juergen Ributzka juergen at apple.com
Sun Apr 27 12:49:13 PDT 2014

On Apr 26, 2014, at 11:33 PM, Andrew Trick <atrick at apple.com> wrote:

> I like this feature, and your implementation seems quite thorough. The only thing I don’t understand is why passRun() needs to take an LLVMContext when the PassRunListener is already holding a pointer to one.

Go catch. I forgot to remove the LLVMContext from the PassRunListener.

> We should probably have a basic unit test case. Maybe in the MCJIT C API tests?

Yup, I added a test to the file.

> Thanks!
> -Andy

I updated the patch and I also modified the runPass callback interface. Now it also provides information about the module, function, and basic block the pass ran on. This interface could be used for example to easily implement a PrintAfterAll pass listener.


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