[PATCH] SEH exceptions on Win64 (LLVM)

Vadim Chugunov vadimcn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 15:33:56 PDT 2014

There's been much back-and-forth on the mailing list thread, so I am no longer sure which problems absolutely need to be fixed, and which were mentioned just in passing.   It would be helpful to restate them in one place (here probably).

I would really like to see this landing in LLVM master, because some of my work depends on it.  If Kai and Martell have their hands full, I'd be happy to take over this patch to address any remaining technical problems with it.  Kai, Martell, I assume that's all right with you guys?

Finally, I'd like to make sure that we have the right set of people involved in this review.  Who owns this area and can give the final go ahead?   According to code_owners.txt that would be Anton, right?


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