[PATCH][DAGCombiner] Split up an indexed load if only the base pointer value is live

Adam Nemet anemet at apple.com
Thu Apr 24 17:09:14 PDT 2014

Right now the load may not get DCE'd because of the side-effect of updating
the base pointer.

This can happen if we lower a read-modify-write of an illegal larger type
(e.g. i48) such that the modification only affects one of the subparts (the
lower i32 part but not the higher i16 part).  See the testcase.

In order to spot the dead load we need to revisit it when SimplifyDemandedBits
decided that the value of the load is masked off.  This is the
CommitTargetLoweringOpt piece.

I checked compile time with ARM64 by sending SPEC bitcode files through llc.
No measurable change.

Fixes <rdar://problem/16031651>


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