[llvm-commits] [LLVMdev] [PATCH] Refactoring the DFA generator

Ivan Llopard ivanllopard at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 04:42:15 PDT 2012

Hi Anshu,

Thanks again for your feedbacks.

On 24/08/2012 17:01, Anshuman Dasgupta wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
>> I missed last 2 commits made by Alexey. Following his advices, I
>> updated the patch. It should be ok now.
>> Thanks Anshu!
>> I've recently added more functional units to our Schedule.td and the
>> generation time became painfully long. In fact, the main problem was
>> in writeTableAndAPI(). I propose another patch to fix it:
>> - Fixed memory leaks.
>> - Transitions are attached to states.
>> I've regenerated the DFA table of Hexagon and everything is ok.
>> Please review it.
> I had a few comments about the design change that you're introducing
> with the patch:
> This patch adds multiple points of control for adding a transition:
> there's now an addTransition() for DFA and another addTransition() for
> State that populate different data structures. We shouldn't need both. I
> am okay with transitions being folded into the State class if it results
> in significant speedup in DFA generation.

Yes, it gives a significant speedup to the emitter. My main concern is 
to address this:

357:    for (unsigned j = 0; j <= LargestInput; ++j) {

LargestInput becomes too large. The more resources we introduce in the 
td file the larger it will be. Given an architecture with n resources, 
LargestInput will take the maximum value, i.e. 2^(n-1), but valid inputs 
are just a small subset of [0, LargestInput].

But then please remove the
> Transition mechanism for the DFA class (stateTransitions).


> For transitions being folded into State:
>  > std::map<unsigned, Transition *> inputToTrans;
> We don't need a map to Transition* here; we can directly map from input
> to stateNum. You should be able to use a LLVM data structure.

In that case,
(1) Should I completely remove Transition and create a map structure in 
State (input, state) to replace them?
(2) Or are you proposing to go though DFA in order look for valid 

After doing some cleanup to match the new design, these are the main 
- Transition folded in states.
Each state keeps a set of transitions.
- Each transition contains the input to match in order to take it and 
the destination state 'To'.
- Factoring up redundant information.
Transitions doesn't contains 'From' state anymore because they are 
folded into it.
- Using STLExtras functions.
- Removed old and unused API's (e.g. addTransition in DFA)

The new patch is attached but if you prefer (2) I can remake it.

I failed to use SmallSet to store the transitions in State because I 
needed to iterate on it. What kind of llvm structure may I use?


> -Anshu

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