[llvm-commits] [Sanitizer] PATCH: external llvm-symbolizer tool for sanitizers

Alexey Samsonov samsonov at google.com
Tue Aug 21 08:34:02 PDT 2012


This code contains a stand-alone file that makes use of existing LLVM
libraries to symbolize instruction addresses of a module.
Though it looks like an another llvm tool, we can temporary keep it at
//projects/compiler-rt (as currently we're the only interested users,
and we need to compile this tool for the same targets we build ASan/TSan
for). This file may be run in a separate process, and
communicate with caller via stdin/stdout. The key differences from
addr2line is that the tool is capable of symbolizing code from
different modules and is able to consult both symbol table and debug info
for fetching function name (which would be helpful
if the binary is compiled with -gline-tables-only).

Code review: http://codereview.appspot.com/6465080/

Alexey Samsonov, MSK
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