[llvm-commits] Using stgit to generate and submit patches

Carter, Jack jcarter at mips.com
Wed Mar 28 17:50:51 PDT 2012

stgit is a wrapper over git that eases some of the pain of creating small incremental patches. It was developed to be used by the linux developer crowd.

For instance. I am adding mips specific inline constraint support. I want to have a patch for each constraint type, but the patches build on each of the series:

inline_asm: stg series
> Constraint_I
- Constraint_J
- Constraint_K
- Constraint_L
- Constraint_N
- Constraint_O
- Constraint_P

If I send this patch series through the automagic stgit patch post method the recipients will get 8 emails, one for each patch and one for a cover letter that describes the series and its order.

Is this going to fly with llvm?


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