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Carter, Jack jcarter at mips.com
Tue Mar 27 15:36:17 PDT 2012


We agree that testing direct object generation through llc rather than through a standalone assembler (llvm-mc/AsmParser) is more inefficient.

There are known problems with AsmParser at the moment that prevent it being built with the Mips register set.

Once we figure out the best way to fix the problem without breaking targets that currently use AsmMatcher, we will implement the stand alone assembler and change the test to run on llvm-mc instead of llc.

The CHECKNEXT bug is just that and a patch is being submitted to repair it. Thanks for the catch.


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To: Hatanaka, Akira
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Subject: Re: [llvm-commits] [llvm] r153153 - in /llvm/trunk: lib/Target/Mips/MCTargetDesc/MipsAsmBackend.cpp lib/Target/Mips/MCTargetDesc/MipsMCCodeEmitter.cpp test/MC/Mips/elf-bigendian.ll

> +; Check that this is big endian.
> +; CHECK: ('e_indent[EI_DATA]', 0x02)
> +
> +; Make sure that a section table (text) entry is correct.
> +; CHECK:   (('sh_name', 0x{{[0]*}}5) # '.text'
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_type', 0x{{[0]*}}1)
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_flags', 0x{{[0]*}}6)
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_addr', 0x{{{[0-9,a-f]+}})
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_offset', 0x{{{[0-9,a-f]+}})
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_size', 0x{{{[0-9,a-f]+}})
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_link', 0x{{[0]+}})
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_info', 0x{{[0]+}})
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_addralign', 0x{{[0]*}}4)
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('sh_entsize', 0x{{[0]+}})


> +; See that at least first 3 instructions are correct: GP prologue
> +; CHECKNEXT:   ('_section_data', '3c1c0000 279c0000 0399e021 {{[0-9,a-f]*}}')

You should not use a .ll file for this and assume you know which
instructions are being generated. I see that MIPS is even getting
support for a disassembler, you should be able to support assembling
at least these 3 instructions :-)

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