[llvm-commits] [PATCH] VST1.32 with writeback incorrectly encoded

Richard Barton richard.barton at arm.com
Tue Mar 27 05:55:20 PDT 2012


The following is the instruction being encoded incorrectly by clang

vst1.32 {d27[1]}, [r9, :32]!

GNU assembler encodes this as

f4c9b8bd            vst1.32 {d27[1]}, [r9 :32]!

LLVM encodes this as (llvm-mc output)

vst1.32 {d27[1]}, [r9, :32]!    @ encoding: [0x9d,0xb8,0xc9,0xf4]

Notice that the last byte encoding is wrong; it should be 0xbd instead of 0x9d

The problem is that there is a special tablegen class for VST1.32 which does not
have a writeback version. This is a simple patch to add this class, with a
regression test for this instruction encoding.

Please review

Richard Barton
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