[llvm-commits] Dedicated commit lists

David A. Greene dag at cray.com
Wed Feb 8 15:58:05 PST 2012

Hal Finkel <hfinkel at anl.gov> writes:

> It might be worthwhile to have some kind of actual tracking system for
> patches. I think this can be done without much overhead by using a
> simple script that watches the mailing list. To be specific, how about
> the following:
>  - When submitting a patch, the e-mail must contain the keywords:
>  - When the script sees replies to that e-mail it will assume that the
> patch is being reviewed. It will warn (by sending a mail to the list) if
> the mail stops (excluding from the original author) for some extended
> period of time without some further state change.

Or never starts.  That's usually the bigger problem.

>  - The script will change the state recorded for a patch when it sees a
> reply mail with the keywords, 'PATCH: REVISE' [the system is to wait for
> a revised patch from the author], 'PATCH: APPLIED r[0-9]+' or 'PATCH:
>  - The script will maintain a database of some kind used by a simple web
> app that can be used to view the current state of patches.
> I think that using some system like this we can essentially keep the
> current review protocol but also add some useful tracking so that things
> don't slip through the cracks.

That would be highly useful.  It seems pretty complicated, however, and
reinventing the wheel/NIH.  How about something like gerrit?


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