[llvm-commits] [PATCH] LIT cleanup phase #1 - replacing dg.exp with lit.local.cfg

Bendersky, Eli eli.bendersky at intel.com
Wed Feb 8 04:42:16 PST 2012


I've started working on cleaning up LIT a bit. The overall cleanup plan was approved by Daniel Dunbar. The first patch (attached) is ready for review.

The LIT global configuration currently relies on "dg.exp" files to find out which file extensions have tests, and which targets are supported for these tests. This is a relic from old times and is no longer required for LIT runs. LIT already has good infrastructure for specifying these things via lit.local.cfg - in fact it's already being used in Clang tests instead of dg.exp.

The attached patch translates all existing dg.exp files into respective lit.local.cfg files. Also, the configuration-specific information was moved from site.exp to lit.site.cfg, as appropriate.

To keep the first patch minimal (it's rather large even now, because a lot of files were modified), some things are left for next patches:

* I've made lit.cfg just ignore the fact that it can't find dg.exp, meaning that dg.exp is in theory still supported. This code in lit.cfg will be cleaned up, as well as removing the generation, reading and parsing of site.exp - which is also no longer needed.
* There's a bit of duplication in some of the lit.local.cfg files for reaching the root configuration. This duplication is "borrowed" from the Clang lit.local.cfg files, where it also exists. In a future patch I plan to clean it up (including the Clang lit files), probably by adding a new configuration attribute exposed from the LIT library itself that will allow local configs to easily access the root.


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