[llvm-commits] Patch/RFC for pr11798: Emit _fltused during FastISel

Joe Groff arcata at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 21:58:34 PST 2012

Here's a patch against LLVM 3.0 for pr11798 that replicates into
FastISel the SelectionDAG logic for setting
setCallsExternalVAFunctionWithFloatingPointArguments when a vararg
function is called with floating-point arguments. This flag is
necessary for win32 targets to emit a special undefined symbol
"_fltused" to trigger the linkage of floating-point support. I'm not
sure, though, whether this interferes too much with FastISel's
fast-ness, or whether there's a better place the logic could be
refactored to. Perhaps the logic should only be applied for Windows
targets as well. Any comments or advice? Thanks.

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