[llvm-commits] Support of HURD

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Wed Jan 18 14:58:28 PST 2012

Resend of my email

Le jeudi 12 janvier 2012 à 02:01 +0900, NAKAMURA Takumi a écrit :
> Sylvestre,
> Thanks for working!
> a few nit;
>   - Doesn't the gnu have PATH_MAX nor MAXPATHLEN in his headers?
After checking a bit more, HURD doesn't have any limitations on this. It
is why it is not defined.

>     It should be detected on autoconf.
After a second though, I don't think it is worst going with autoconf for
this. It is located at only two places. 
>   - I guess (HAVE_MACH_H && !__GNU__) could be rewritten as
> (HAVE_MACH_H && Darwin).
>     How do you think?
I updated the patch.


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