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Daniel Dunbar daniel at zuster.org
Fri Dec 16 15:14:38 PST 2011

Author: ddunbar
Date: Fri Dec 16 17:14:38 2011
New Revision: 146771

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=146771&view=rev
lnt/docs: Update note on running tests.


Modified: zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/intro.rst
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--- zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/intro.rst (original)
+++ zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/intro.rst Fri Dec 16 17:14:38 2011
@@ -69,10 +69,9 @@
  1. 'lit', the LLVM test runner, is available.
- 2. The hosted application is live at http://localhost/perf/.
- 3. lnt/tests/lit.cfg should be modified to have the correct '%email_host' and
-    '%email_to' substitutions.
+ 2. If inside a virtualenv, the virtualenv will need to be activated because the
+ tests want to run Python directly. This should be fixed to substitute in the
+ Python that was used to run lit, so the venv doesn't have to be active.
 To run the tests, use, e.g.,
@@ -89,8 +88,6 @@
 if you prefer 'unittest' style output (this still requires that 'lit' be
-Note that currently the email test will actually send you email.

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