[llvm-commits] Passing OptLevel to XCoreDAGToDAGISel

Kyriakos Georgiou kyriakos at xmos.com
Thu Dec 15 05:02:25 PST 2011

I did not realise that the OptLevel was removed from the function "addInstSelector()" in the llvm upstream, so I am posting a new patch with the  use of 
the "getOptLevel()" to get it, as the other architectures are doing the same.

Kyriakos Georgiou | XMOS
From: Kyriakos Georgiou
Sent: 13 December 2011 16:07
To: llvm-commits at cs.uiuc.edu
Cc: Richard Osborne
Subject: Passing OptLevel to XCoreDAGToDAGISel


The optLevel was not passed to "XCoreDAGToDAGISel" making the related passes to run always with the llvm default level of optimization. This patch fixes that.

Kyriakos Georgiou | XMOS
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