[llvm-commits] [PATCH] Add support for lowering FNEG with AVX

Chad Rosier mcrosier at apple.com
Wed Dec 14 14:15:38 PST 2011

Before committing I'll take care of the missing newline at EOF.

On Dec 14, 2011, at 2:13 PM, Chad Rosier wrote:

> With AVX enabled the included test case clang would assert:
> Assertion failed: (VT.getSizeInBits() == Operand.getValueType().getSizeInBits() && "Cannot BITCAST between types of different sizes!")
> This patch add support for lowering FNEG when AVX is enabled.
> Hoping for feedback from someone with more AVX experience (e.g., Bruno, Craig, Evan, Eli).
> Chad
> <LowerFNEG_AVX.patch>

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