[llvm-commits] [LLVM, loop-unswitch] Potential bug in RewriteLoopBodyWithConditionConstant

Stepan Dyatkovskiy stpworld at narod.ru
Fri Nov 25 11:15:47 PST 2011

Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
 >> I think Anton commented on your first patch too, but quite differently
 >> to me.  Anton, are you OK with this?
 > I'm still a bit worried: we're definitely changing the list of users
 > on-fly. Won't this invalidate the iterators?

They are definitely became invalid. Just look at dumps I attached 
before. I found that:
1. Next iterator (++UI) stay correct.
2. After replaceUsesOfWith was invoked, current iterator will redirected 
to Replacement's use-list. But for another method we have risk to got 
absolutely different behaviour.

Considering this version of patch we need to comment this place IMHO.

About WorkList. I missed it. Of course we can process this one.

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