[llvm-commits] Vectors of Pointers and Vector-GEP

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Thu Nov 24 06:10:13 PST 2011

On Wed, 2011-11-23 at 22:09 +0200, Rotem, Nadav wrote:
> Duncan, 
> Thanks for the quick review! Here is a short description (design) of where I am going with this patch:
> 1. Motivation: Vectors-of-pointers is the first step in supporting scatter/gather instructions (available in AVX2, for example). I believe that this feature was requested on the mailing list before. As mentioned by Hal Finkel earlier today, this feature is desired by autovectorizers as it simplifies the abstraction. I can also mention the Intel OpenCL Autovectorizer and ISPC as two other vectorizers which would benefit from this type. 
> 2. The type Vectors-of-pointers is similar to the pointer type, in the sense that it cannot be bit-casted and it has no size. It supports the following conversions:
> 	a. Bitcast to other vector-of-pointers, as long as the element count is the same. 
> 	b. No other bit-cast operations are allowed.  
> 3. The type Vectors-of-pointers can be used by the following instructions:
> 	a. Insertelement/extractelement/shuffle - just like any other vector
> 	b. Getelementptr - for address calculations, with the restrictions mentioned below.
> 	c. Intrinsics - to implement the scatter/gather operations
> 	d. IntToPtr, PtrToInt - for conversion to vectors of integers [This is not implemented in this patch].
> 4. The getelementptr instruction can be used to access structs, which may cause a problem for vector-geps when accessing different fields. Currently I limit the use of vector-gep to vectors of pointers with a single index. In the future, I may add support for more indices if users of the vector-gep would request for it. Matt Pharr from ISPC also requested support for vectors of arrays, which are not supported at this point. 

So long as coverage will be incomplete, I request that you add some kind
of utility function that can be called on a type and set of GEP indicies
(or maybe a GEP instruction itself) to determine whether it can be

I think it would be easiest on the user if all GEPs can be vectorized.
The default can just be to break up the vector GEP into some scalar GEPs
and some vector insert/extracts.

Regardless, this feature should really help with vectorization, and I
think it is great that you're implementing it.

> 5. The getelementptr indices must all be vectors, if the pointer operand is a vector of pointers. 
> Regarding your specific comments, Vectors of pointers are a new type in LLVM, so I believe that any predictable and sensible behavior is acceptable. Much like pointers, 'getBitWidth' should return zero.

Having getBitWidth return 0 makes sense to me. We'll need to grep the
code and add or change a bunch of if statements, but I think that will
be the case however we do this.


>  In my current patch bitcasting of one vector pointer to another vector pointer of the same length is okay, but any other bitcast is invalid. I added an assert to getInteger to prevent calling 'getInteger' on vectors of pointers. I agree that IntToPtr and PtrToInt need to be extended in order to support vectors of pointers and I plan to add this.
> Thank you,
> Nadav
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> Hi Nadav,
> > Following the discussion in last week's LLVM developers conference I started
> > working on support for vectors-of-pointers. Vectors of pointers are needed for
> > supporting scatter/gather operations and are the first step in the direction of
> > supporting predicated architectures. In the attached patch, I change the LLVM-IR
> > in order to support vectors-of-pointers and added basic support for vector-gep.
> > In following patches I plan to extend the vector-gep support to more indices and
> > add scatter/gather intrinsics.
> one of the issues with vectors-of-pointers is then you can no longer say what
> the size of a vector is without target data, since you don't know what the size
> of a pointer is without target data.  Methods like VectorType::getBitWidth will
> have to be deleted.  Methods like VectorType::getTruncatedElementVectorType,
> VectorType::getExtendedElementVectorType and VectorType::getInteger will need to
> either be removed, or changed to take a target data parameter (which is probably
> a layering violation, so they would need to be moved elsewhere).  The PtrToInt
> and IntToPtr operations will need to be enhanced to work on vectors, and a
> bunch of places that bitcast vectors will need to become more careful, in case
> they are trying to bitcast between a vector of pointers and a vector of
> integers.
> Ciao, Duncan.
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