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Author: lattner
Date: Sat Sep 25 10:53:35 2010
New Revision: 114792

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temporarily revert developer policy change as a courtesy to vikram.


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 <div class="doc_subsection"><a name="copyright">Copyright</a></div>
 <div class="doc_text">
-<p>The LLVM project does not require copyright assignments, which means that the
-   copyright for the code in the project is held by its respective contributors
-   who have each agreed to release their contributed code under the terms of the
-   <a href="#license">LLVM License</a>.</p>
-<p>An implication of this is that the LLVM license is unlikely to ever change:
-   changing it would require tracking down all the contributors to LLVM and
-   getting them to agree that a license change is acceptable for their
-   contribution.  Since there are no plans to change the license, this is not a
-   cause for concern.</p>
-<p>As a contributor to the project, this means that you (or your company) retain
-   ownership of the code you contribute, that it cannot be used in a way that
-   contradicts the license (which is a liberal BSD-style license), and that the
-   license for your contributions won't change without your approval in the
-   future.</p>
+<p>For consistency and ease of management, the project requires the copyright
+   for all LLVM software to be held by a single copyright holder: the University
+   of Illinois (UIUC).</p>
+<p>Although UIUC may eventually reassign the copyright of the software to
+   another entity (e.g. a dedicated non-profit "LLVM Organization") the intent
+   for the project is to always have a single entity hold the copyrights to LLVM
+   at any given time.</p>
+<p>We believe that having a single copyright holder is in the best interests of
+   all developers and users as it greatly reduces the managerial burden for any
+   kind of administrative or technical decisions about LLVM.  The goal of the
+   LLVM project is to always keep the code open and <a href="#license">licensed
+   under a very liberal license</a>.</p>
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