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+  <title>An LLVM Backend for GHC</title>
+<div class="pub_title">
+  An LLVM Backend for GHC
+<div class="pub_author">
+  David A. Terei and Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
+In the presence of ever-changing computer architectures, high-quality optimising
+compiler backends are moving targets that require specialist knowledge and
+sophisticated algorithms. In this paper, we explore a new backend for the
+Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) that leverages the Low Level Virtual Machine
+(LLVM), a new breed of compiler written explicitly for use by other compiler
+writers, not high-level programmers, that promises to enable outsourcing of
+low-level and architecture-dependent aspects of code generation. We discuss the
+conceptual challenges and our backend design. We also provide an extensive
+quantitative evaluation of the performance of the backend and of the code it
+  "An LLVM Backend for GHC"<br>
+   David A. Terei and Manuel M. T. Chakravarty<br>
+<i>In Proceedings ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2010,</i>
+Baltimore MD, United States, September 2010.
+  <li><a href="2010-09-HASKELLSYM-LLVM-GHC.pdf">
+  An LLVM Backend for GHC
+  </a> (PDF)</li>
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 var PUBS = [
+  {url: "2010-09-HASKELLSYM-LLVM-GHC.html",
+   title: "An LLVM Backend for GHC",
+   published: "ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2010",
+   location: "Baltimore, Maryland",
+   author: "David A. Terei and Manuel M. T. Chakravarty",
+   month: 9,
+   year: 2010},
   {url: "2010-08-SBLP-SSI.html",
    title: "Efficient SSI Conversion",
    published: "Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages 2010",

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