[llvm-commits] [PATCH] Preserve sub-registers in PHIElimination

Krister Wombell kuwerty at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 22:32:32 PDT 2010

PHI elimination doesn't preserve sub-registers of source operands when
creating copy instructions. As an example take the following PHI

    %reg1045<def> = PHI %reg3456:v4sub2, <BB#7>, %reg1050, <BB#9>;
GPR:%reg1045,1050 QPR:%reg3456

QPR represents 128 bit registers with 4 x 32 bit sub-registers and GPR
represents single 32 bit registers. The PHI is correct: it's selecting
either a 32 bit register from reg1050 or selecting a 32 bit sub-register of

After PHI elimination BB7 contains:

    %reg3566<def> = COPY %reg3456; GPR:%reg3566 QPR:%reg3456

Now there's a copy of a 128 bit register to a 32 bit register but without
any sub-register to determine what is going on.

The patch preserves the sub-registers when creating copy instructions.

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