[llvm-commits] [WinABI patch] Make sure to call __chkstk when appropriate

Cameron Esfahani dirty at apple.com
Wed Aug 18 03:30:48 PDT 2010

On Aug 18, 2010, at 2:43 AM, Anton Korobeynikov wrote:

> Hello, Cameron
>> Windows ABI requires the function prologue to call __chkstk if there is >= 4096 bytes allocated on the stack.
> The patch is invalid due to many reasons:
> - It does the stuff in wrong place

I put it in the same area as the mingw case, for __alloca, so I thought it was in the right place.

> - It clobbers eax which can be incoming arg reg in case of inreg
> params / fast CC

You're right it will clobber eax in the 32-bit case, so there'd have to be some code added to save/restore it.

> - __chkstk is same as __alloca call in mingw case, which is already implemented

I'll have to take your word that __chkstk is the same as __alloca, but reading the documentation on Microsoft's website, it doesn't come across that way:

> Allocates memory on the stack. This function is deprecated because a more secure version is available; see _malloca.

> Called by the compiler when you have more than one page of local variables in your function.

> Also, I don't recall offhand, but iirc this call had some special CC,
> it clobbers quite alot of regs, etc.

According to the Microsoft website:

> The __chkstk helper will not modify any registers other than R10, R11, and the condition codes. In particular, it will return RAX unchanged and leave all nonvolatile registers and argument-passing registers unmodified.

So, the only registers which are munged, in the 64-bit case, are the volatile ones.  I assumed that the 32-bit case would be similar.

The reason I didn't add this code to the mingw case is because that path never calls emitSPUpdate():  it relys on __alloca to do all the stack manipulation.  This didn't  appear to me that it would be valid, according to the Windows ABI.

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