[llvm-commits] [patch] Fix bugpoint -inline ....

Rafael Espindola espindola at google.com
Sat Jul 24 19:56:58 PDT 2010

Debugging this a bit more, it looks like bugpoint's function list
reduction is not capable of handling IPO. The issue I am having is:

*) It tests running -inline -foo -bar on functions f1, f2, f3. This
fails (is a valid reduction), because it modifies f1 in an invalid
*) Now any reductions that keeps f1 will work

Originally, keeping only f1 would not reproduce the bug.

The attached patch changes  ReduceMiscompilingFunctions::TestFuncs to
be just a functional test. I am still testing it, but it is already
past the previous one and didn't produce an invalid reduction.

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola

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