[llvm-commits] Patch - small improvements to bugpoint

Kalle Raiskila kalle.raiskila at nokia.com
Thu May 6 06:02:54 PDT 2010


attached is a patch with two small improvements for bugpoint that I have been using a while now.

1) introduce the --gcc command line option so the user can specify the safe gcc binary to use (e.g. clang, spu-gcc,...). 
If no --gcc option is given, it defaults to 'gcc', which is current behaviour.

2) the parameters passed in with --gcc-tool-args currently get passed twice to gcc. First when creating the GCC object 
in bugoint, and then when e.g. the LLC object uses GCC. The patch removes the second route. This would be a cosmetic 
change, but I frequently am passing hosting C files via the --gcc-tool-args - gcc chokes on a redefinition of the main 

Is this patch committable?


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