[llvm-commits] [PATCH] Implement a better patch for LLVM bug PR56

Sylvere Teissier st at invia.fr
Thu Apr 8 10:42:56 PDT 2010

I've implemented the support of empty vaarg functions in CBE and removed
the current workaround: (bellow is the comment with the old workaround)

// Work around LLVM bug PR56: the CWriter cannot emit varargs functions
// have zero fixed arguments.
// Note that we apply this hack for a vararg fuction that does not have any
// arguments anymore, but did have them before (so don't bother fixing
// functions that were already broken wrt CWriter).

this old workaround increased the register usage for such function by 2
registers on a 16 bit target. It was not very optimal.

The new patch remove this workaround and permit the CWriter to handle
itself varargs functions which have zero fixed arguments.
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