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Author: alenhar2
Date: Tue Mar  9 10:43:02 2010
New Revision: 98061

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Update readme with known issues


Modified: poolalloc/trunk/README
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 Before using the Automatic Pool Allocator, you should read the pre-release
 license in LICENSE.TXT.
+Automatic Pool Allocation is currently broken on 2.7 due to malloc and
+free instructions being removed.  Use the release_26 branch of llvm
+and poolalloc for a working poolalloc module.
+DSA is undergoing significant changes and may not be entirely stable or 
+correct.  See lib/DSA/README.
+Windows does not support loadable modules in llvm, so poolalloc must
+be linked into opt.
 To build the Automatic Pool Allocator, you will need to have installed and

Added: poolalloc/trunk/lib/DSA/README
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/poolalloc/trunk/lib/DSA/README?rev=98061&view=auto
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+DSA is changed since PLDI07 in (at least) the following ways:
+1) DSA tracks types per offset.
+2) DSA does not assume that all clients will want to collapse a node if types 
+   conflict.  Many clients don't care that an offset is used as an int or a 
+   double, they just care about the points-to result.
+In Progress:
+1) DSA handles multiple entry points in a module.
+2) Optional assumption that only legal targets are called at indirect call sites
+3) Positional arguments, rather than pointer relative arguments.  This handles
+   the case where pointer and ints are assumed compatible and function pointers
+   containing them are cast freely.

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