[llvm-commits] Build broken since <= 83707

Magnus Reftel magnus.reftel at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 12:05:45 PDT 2009


the build is broken at least since rev 83707
I get the following error (on OS X 10.6.0, standard configure except  
for specifying --prefix):

llvm[1]: Checking for cyclic dependencies between LLVM libraries.
find-cycles.pl: Circular dependency between *.a files:
find-cycles.pl:   libLLVMAnalysis.a libLLVMAsmPrinter.a  
libLLVMCodeGen.a libLLVMCore.a libLLVMMC.a libLLVMSelectionDAG.a  
libLLVMSupport.a libLLVMTarget.a libLLVMXCoreCodeGen.a
llvm[1]: Building llvm-config script.
cat: /Users/magnus/src/llvm-svn/tools/llvm-config/FinalLibDeps.txt: No  
such file or directory
make[1]: *** [/Users/magnus/src/llvm-svn/Debug/bin/llvm-config] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 1


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