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 <div class="www_sectiontitle" id="bofs">BOFs</div>
 <p>Unique to this year's Developer Meeting, we will have Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs) that will coincide with the talks. For those unfamiliar with BOFs, these are informal attendee-organized meetings for people to meet, exchange ideas, and share information on a variety of topics.  BOFs can range from an informal discussion to a full presentation, at the organizer's discression.  BOF slots will be 40 minutes long and will not be video taped.  BOFs will be scheduled against whichever talk slot the organizer prefers, will be printed on the official schedule, and be put on the website so attendees can plan to attend.
-If you are interested in organizing a BOF, please <a href="mailto:llvm-devmtg-admin at nondot.org">email us</a> no later than September 26th.
+The following BOFs will be held this year: 
+<table class="www" border=1>
+<tr><th>Title</th><th>BOF Leader</th><th>Description</th></tr>
+<tr><td>Clang-based Interactive Interpreters</td><td>Axel Naumann</td><td>Why write Python when you can write C++? We want to replace our C/C++
+interpreter http://root.cern.ch/cint, and we'd like to know who else is
+interested in having one, e.g. in the context of debuggers. Let's
+discuss issues, experience, feature lists and plans. We are planning to
+show our prototype!</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Bugs!</td><td>John Criswell</td><td>This BoF session will discuss automatic and semi-automatic techniques
+and tools for finding, detecting, and helping software tolerate bugs. 
+Potential topics include static analysis tools, run-time bug detection
+techniques, bug-preventing compiler transforms, and methods of
+tolerating bugs at run-time.  The goal is to share ideas among those
+working on bug-squashing tools as well as to gain feedback from
+developers on how they'd like their bug-squashing tools to improve.
+Bring your fly-swatter and let's talk about bug hunting!</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Exception Handling</td><td>Duncan Sands</td><td>An opportunity for those interested in the future of exception
+handling in LLVM to sit down together and discuss it</td></tr>
+<tr><td>Vector (SIMD/SWAR) code generation</td><td>Mark Lacey</td><td>Discuss current state of vector code generation in LLVM and areas for improvement. Some vector operations, like select with a vector condition, don't actually work today. Are there other operations that should be extended to support vectors? Should write-masked vector operations be incorporated into the instructions, and if so, how? What areas should be improved first? </td></tr>
 <div class="www_sectiontitle" id="getting">Getting There</div>
 <p>The meeting will be held in building <a

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