[llvm-commits] [llvm] r79880 - /llvm/trunk/test/ExecutionEngine/2007-12-14-LittleEndian.ll

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Mon Aug 24 00:53:54 PDT 2009

Hi Chris,

> Remove this test now that the interpreter doesn't support
> interpreting the wrong endianness anymore.  This fixes a 
> failure on clang-powerpc-darwin8

what's the reason for removing this feature?  I taught the interpreter
how to do loads and stores etc of the wrong endianness in a moment of
boredom.  That's probably where this test comes from.  While it is not
the world's most useful feature, I thought it might be useful for
debugging endianness problems when you don't have access to a machine
with that endianness.



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