[llvm-commits] SSI patch

Andre Tavares andrelct at dcc.ufmg.br
Thu Jun 25 05:59:49 PDT 2009


I'm submiting a patch that will be responsible to create SSI 
representation on demand. This representation conforms with the current 
SSA, and will not break other optimizations. It only inserts some phi 
functions on the code. A brief description is below, and the code is 

// This pass converts a list of variables to the Static Single Information
// form. This is a program representation described by Scott Ananian in his
// Master Thesis: "The Static Single Information Form (1999)".
// We are building an on-demand representation, that is, we do not convert
// every single variable in the target function to SSI form. Rather, we 
// a list of target variables that must be converted. We also do not
// completely convert a target variable to the SSI format. Instead, we only
// change the variable in the points where new information can be attached
// to its live range, that is, at branch points.

Andre Tavares
Master Student in Computer Science - UFMG - Brasil

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