[llvm-commits] PIC16 AsmPrinter.

sanjiv gupta sanjiv.gupta at microchip.com
Sun Jan 18 10:55:20 PST 2009

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 08:51 -0700, Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> Hello, Sanjiv
> > +  SwitchToTextSection (codeSection.c_str(),F); 
> This really looks like a step back.... And I think we even talked
> about 
> the issue. In fact SwitchTo{Text,Data}Section routines are obsolete
> and 
> will be removed, when I will have time to work on asmprinters again.
> And 
> PIC backend is the only backend, which uses them currently...
> In practice we don't have pure 'data' or 'text' sections, we usually 
> tend to separate different flavours of code and data and use
> different 
> sections for them. It's really inefficient to have separate printing 
> routine for each new kind of section, even more - when the difference 
> between them is only 1 suffix.
> There are at least two pretty straightforward ways to handle PIC
> section 
> printing problem: 
> 1. Handle suffixes as section flags. Look, how ELFTagetAsmInfo
> handles 
> this stuff. 
> 2. Make a step upper and introduce a generic "section printing" 
> function, which will know how to print sections of different kinds
> for 
> specific target and use this as a fallback solution for PIC.
Hi Anton,
I hope that you got a chance to look at the recently checked-in
PIC16AsmPrinter.cpp. I think we have addressed the issues you raised in
this email. Let me know if anything else needs to be worked out.

The other thing that I wanted to discuss with you is contained in this

Let me know what you feel should be done.

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> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov.
> Faculty of Mathematics & Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University.
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