[llvm-commits] Speeding up instruction selection

Roman Levenstein romix.llvm at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 11 11:00:39 PDT 2008

Hi Chris,

2008/3/8, Chris Lattner <clattner at apple.com>:
> On Mar 7, 2008, at 7:26 AM, Roman Levenstein wrote:
>  >> Please look at the implementation of User::setOperand() or
>  >> MachineOperand::setReg().  When these changes the value of an
>  >> operand,
>  >> it needs to remove the current 'instruction' from the use list of the
>  >> old value and add it to the new value.  I assure you that it is
>  >> constant time, exactly because it doesn't have to scan the whole
>  >> list.  It just unlinks it form the middle of the list with no search.
>  >> This makes it very fast and scalable.
>  >
>  > OK. My fault. Now I really understood how it works! ;-)
> Ok!
>  > I tried to apply the same principle to SDNodes.
>  >
>  > This means:
>  > 1) Each SDNode maintains an std::list of uses, i.e. list of pointers
>  > to SDNodes using it.
> I don't recommend using std::list here.  The subtlety is that the use
>  list will end up winding its way through the operands that are
>  embedded in an SDNode.  This design allows ReplaceAllUsesWith (and
>  related operations) to be extremely efficient.

>  > Since one node can use multiple other
>  > nodes, each SDNode has once such link field per SDOperand. More
>  > precisely, I introduced the Used files, which is an array  of
>  > iterators pointing into Uses lists of nodes used by current SDNode.
>  > This array is allocated dynamically and at the same places, where
>  > OperandList is allocated or set.
> I think it might be best to introduce a new class, say SDUseOperand or
>  something like that.  Right now the operands of an SDNode are stored
>  in the OperandList array, which is an array of SDOperands.  I'd
>  suggest changing this to be an array of SDUseOperand.
>  SDOperand is currently a SDNode + result#.  SDUseOperand would be an
>  SDOperand (like Val in the Use class) plus a pointer to the containing
>  node (like U in the Use class), and next/prev pointers (like Next/
>  Prev) in the use list.
>  Before you worry about the size bloat of tracking all this, remember
>  that the Uses SmallVector in SDNode will turn into a single pointer,
>  so this will be only a small increase in memory if any at all.
>  Selection dags have much more constrained situations for when the
>  operands of a node are changed, so keeping the use lists up to date
>  should be relatively easy (compared to llvm ir or machineoperands).

OK. I implemented lists of uses  as you proposed. See the attached
patch for details.
I hope I understood you correctly and implemented what you meant.

>  > 3) The rest of the code is unaffected for now. But probably, with this
>  > approach, replaceAllUses.. can be done faster by rewriting it in a
>  > more intelligent way,e.g. bulk removals or moving the whole Uses list
>  > at once or something like that?
> Yep, making that faster can be done as a second step.

I haven't really looked at this yet.

>  > The most interesting thing, though, is that this implementation has
>  > roughly the same performance on kimwitu (+1%), but is definitely worse
>  > on the huge  big4.bc. In this one, it is about 10% worse for some
>  > reason (and profiler shows suddenly that SDOperand::operator == is the
>  > hottest function, when called from SDNode::hasNUsesOfValue. I have no
>  > idea why... I repeated tests multiple times, but it always produces
>  > the same result. With my set approach, the same function does not
>  > consume any time...). I guess it is somehow related to the memory
>  > access locality or something like that. Any good ideas explaining my
>  > findings?
> Sounds like something strange is happening.

The SDNode::hasNUsesOfValue bottleneck mentioned above has disappeared
with this patch.

> The approach looks like the right step, but you really need to
>  eliminate the separate std::list for it to be comparable.

Done! Please review and give it some testing, if possible.
On my machine, it shows 10%-15% speedup on big BBs.


P.S. I still haven't got any reviews for my first patch related to the
instruction selection:
Could someone have a look at it?
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