[llvm-commits] Garbage collection patch series

Gordon Henriksen gordonhenriksen at mac.com
Tue Sep 4 11:19:02 PDT 2007

These are already starting to bitrot. :) I'll be maintaining and  
bugfixing them, but won't be re-slicing the patches and spamming the  
list continuously. Please let me know if you want an up-to-date version.

— Gordon

On 2007-09-04, at 02:18, Gordon Henriksen wrote:

> As followups to this post, I will post a series of six patches  
> which significantly improve LLVM's garbage collection support.  
> These patches are not all fully independent, but I have broken them  
> up into more digestible units for review.
> • gc-1-registry.patch (+288 lines)
> My previous Registry.h header, as well as Collectors.h, which is  
> the registry for dynamically-loaded garbage collectors.
> • gc-2-metadata.patch (+303 lines)
> CollectorMetadata is the data structure populated by back-ends  
> during code-generation.
> • gc-3-collector.patch (+401 lines)
> Collector is the base class for garbage collector code generators.  
> It provides its subclasses with both static configuration and  
> callbacks through which they can exert its will upon all relevant  
> stages of code generation.
> • gc-4-integration.patch (+113, -17 lines)
> In this patch, Collector winds its tendrils throughout the  
> compiler. Overhead should be minimal when disabled.
> • gc-5-shadowstack.patch (+59, -406 lines)
> With this patch, the LowerGC transformation is adapted to become  
> the ShadowStackCollector.
> • gc-6-ocaml.patch (+190 lines)
> Finally, the new OcamlCollector emits the Ocaml frametable data  
> structure and related symbols.
> Hopefully I can get feedback so that this can be rolled into 2.2  
> early in the development cycle.

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