[llvm-commits] [llvm] r41479 - in /llvm/trunk: lib/Target/X86/X86ISelLowering.cpp test/CodeGen/X86/2004-02-12-Memcpy.llx

Dale Johannesen dalej at apple.com
Mon Aug 27 07:32:45 PDT 2007

On Aug 27, 2007, at 3:18 AM, Rafael Espindola wrote:

> Coping 100MB array (after a warmup) shows that glibc 2.6.1  
> implementation on
> x86-64 (core 2) is 30% faster (from 0.270917s to 0.188079s)

Please record this information in a comment?  It is likely other  
people will want to revise this area later for their target of  
interest.  Don't want them to break yours.

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