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Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Wed Jul 25 23:09:37 PDT 2007

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--- llvm-www/pubs/index.html:1.56	Wed Jun 13 20:42:19 2007
+++ llvm-www/pubs/index.html	Thu Jul 26 01:09:19 2007
@@ -3,17 +3,23 @@
+<li>"<a href="2007-07-25-LLVM-2.0-and-Beyond.html">LLVM 2.0 
+and Beyond!</a>"<br>
+Chris Lattner<br>
+<i>Google Tech Talk</i>, Mountain View, CA, July 2007.</li>
 <li>"<a href="2007-07-CAV-StructuralAbstraction.html">Structural Abstraction of
   Software Verification Conditions</a>"<br>
   Domagoj Babic and Alan J. Hu.<br>
   <i>Proc. of the 19th Int. Conf. on Computer Aided Verification
-               (CAV'07)</i>, Berlin, Germany, Jul, 2007.<br></li>
+               (CAV'07)</i>, Berlin, Germany, Jul, 2007.</li>
 <li>"<a href="2007-06-10-PLDI-DSA.html">Making Context-Sensitive Points-to
     Analysis with Heap Cloning Practical For The Real World</a>"<br>
   Chris Lattner, Andrew Lenharth, and Vikram Adve.<br>
   <i>Proc. of the 2007 ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language 
-  Design and Implementation (PLDI'07)</i>, San Diego, CA, Jun, 2007.<br></li>
+  Design and Implementation (PLDI'07)</i>, San Diego, CA, Jun, 2007.</li>
 <li>"<a href="2007-05-31-Switch-Lowering.html">Improving Switch Lowering for
   The LLVM Compiler System</a>"<br>

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