[llvm-commits] Two patches: some VStudio compiler errors and an interpreter multi-use crash

Chuck Rose III cfr at adobe.com
Wed Jul 25 11:21:47 PDT 2007

The "lib.patch" is for the lib directory & the "utils.patch" for the
utils directory.


Lib.patch contains 1 VStudio compiler error fix and also a move into a
managed static of one of the statics for the interpreter.  In cases
where programs are compiled in a loop, interpreted, and then discarded,
the current interpreter will crash as the static will contain pointers
to discarded Function* values.


The compiler error's I'm seeing come from VStudio's unwillingness to
accept code of this form:


            for (unsigned index = 0 ; ....)



                        unsigned index = whatever; // this one to
eclipse the loop control index for the purposes of the loop interior




I fixed this by renaming one of the two variables so that it wouldn't
clash.  In case in LoopUnswitch, I changed the name of the interior


The utils.patch contains another compiler error fix of the same type as
above.  In RegisterInfoEmitter, I changed the name of the outside index.
I tried to pick reasonable names in keeping with the prevailing style of
the functions in question, but would love if the main dev for those
areas can ensure that's the case.


Please include my email address on the "to"-line for any questions about
this patch.  I'm currently subscribed to the commit alias in digest




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