[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/lib/CodeGen/LiveIntervalAnalysis.cpp VirtRegMap.cpp

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Mon Jun 18 15:20:19 PDT 2007

Yes, it looks good. I can deal with LDRcp and friends later.



On Jun 18, 2007, at 2:35 PM, Dan Gohman wrote:

>> We can eliminate LDRcp, that's fine.
>> However, I still don't like the separate hook and targetinstrinfo
>> bit. Dan, can you have just a single isTriviallyReMaterializable hook
>> that encompass all these?
> What do you think about the attached patch? It's not tested yet,  
> but it
> shows what I think you're asking for. I left LDRcp in, but that can  
> be fixed.
> Dan
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> Dan Gohman, Cray Inc.
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