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Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu May 17 12:59:15 PDT 2007

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ReleaseNotes.html updated: 1.377 -> 1.378
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minor tweak

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 ReleaseNotes.html |    9 +++++----
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Index: llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html
diff -u llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html:1.377 llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html:1.378
--- llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html:1.377	Wed May 16 18:25:46 2007
+++ llvm/docs/ReleaseNotes.html	Thu May 17 14:58:57 2007
@@ -67,8 +67,9 @@
 break backwards compatibility with the LLVM 1.x bytecode and .ll file format.
 If you have LLVM 1.9 .ll files that you would like to upgrade to LLVM 2.x, we 
 recommend the use of the stand alone <a href="#llvm-upgrade">llvm-upgrade</a>
-tool.  We intend to keep compatibility with .ll and .bc formats within the 2.x
-release series, like we did within the 1.x series.</li>
+tool (which is included with 2.0).  We intend to keep compatibility with .ll 
+and .bc formats within the 2.x release series, like we did within the 1.x 
 <li>There are several significant change to the LLVM IR and internal APIs, such
     as a major overhaul of the type system, the completely new bitcode file
     format, etc.</li>
@@ -356,7 +357,7 @@
 <li>Improved support for the Linux/ppc ABI and the linux/ppc JIT is fully 
     functional now.  llvm-gcc and static compilation are not fully supported 
-    yet though.<</li>
+    yet though.</li>
 <li>Many bugs fixed for PowerPC 64.</li>
@@ -839,7 +840,7 @@
   src="http://www.w3.org/Icons/valid-html401" alt="Valid HTML 4.01!" /></a>
   <a href="http://llvm.org/">The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure</a><br>
-  Last modified: $Date: 2007/05/16 23:25:46 $
+  Last modified: $Date: 2007/05/17 19:58:57 $

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