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Too late to request a T-Shirt or offer to present.

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--- llvm-www/DevMtgMay2007.html:1.120	Thu May  3 17:11:12 2007
+++ llvm-www/DevMtgMay2007.html	Tue May  8 23:19:59 2007
@@ -59,19 +59,6 @@
   to win a prize! Please see the <a href="Name.html">Name page</a> for the
   current list of entries, naming rules, booty you can get and other details.
   The name may be decided at this meeting!</p>
-  <p><b><a name="t-shirt">T-SHIRTS!</a></b>: T-Shirts will be available 
-  at the meeting but only if you pre-order your size. Send your size (S,M,L,XL) to 
-  <a href="mailto:rspencer at reidspencer.com">Reid Spencer</a> so they can be
-  ordered in time for the meeting. The T-shirts will be good quality (heavy
-  cotton) and have a small LLVM related phrase on the front. There is no cost 
-  for these T-Shirts as their cost is being donated to LLVM. But we will ask 
-  you to make a <a href="Funding.html#donate">donation to LLVM</a> at the
-  meeting.  If you want a T-Shirt but can't make it to the meeting, please 
-  let Reid know. You will have to pay for shipping only.</p>
-  <p><b>CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS</b>: This meeting is for you and by you. If you
-  have an LLVM related topic idea (even if you don't plan to present it),
-  please send it in. We need work group topics as well as people who would
-  like to present something. No idea is a bad one!</p>
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