[llvm-commits] llvm-gcc: better support for variable size struct fields

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Tue Mar 6 08:25:32 PST 2007

This patch applies on top of the previously posted patch
"llvm-gcc: use component_ref_field_offset in component references",

This fixes wrong handling of structs containing more than one
variable sized field.  Two C testcases are attached.  Consider
for example the struct from VarSizeInStruct1:
  struct f { char w; char x[n]; char z[]; };
DecodeStructFields does the following: it creates a field for
w; it skips x; it doesn't skip z because it is the last field,
however it thinks it starts at byte offset 0 because it starts
at the variable offset n+1, and so pops w out of the struct
and replaces it with z, leading to the LLVM struct { [0 * i8] }.
This causes an assertion failure later on in EmitLV_COMPONENT_REF.
The other testcase is similar, and leads to a different assertion

I first prepared a minimal fix, but later noticed that the code for
handling variable sized struct fields was unnecessarily complicated
and came up with this more involved patch, which removes a bunch of
special casing.  The existing code seems rather fixated on whether
TYPE_SIZE is constant or not, when what really matters is whether the
field starts at a constant offset.  I simply skip over fields if and
only if they don't start at a constant offset, and let variable sized
fields be emitted and indexed like any others (no more ~0U field indices).
I remove the special casing for ~0U field indices everywhere in favour
of the generic code, for example in EmitLV_COMPONENT_REF.  The only
place where something still needs to be done is in ConvertRecordCONSTRUCTOR,
but there too the code simplifies.

I see no additional failures in the regression test suite or in
MultiSource with these changes.


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